Todo el Mundo


Album Release Party

February 3rd, 2022

@ Antone's Nightclub

With Special Guests:

Easy Compadre




Kiko is a Colombian American musical storyteller . Born in Miami and raised in Colombia on a coffee farm, he learned Colombian folk music orally through his family. He then went on to pursue music and theater at Miami Dade College. After this, Kiko traveled and played music, collecting rhythms and sounds from different cultures until reaching his ever changing Colombian fusion. 


When Kiko was a child, his single mother could not afford music lessons for him so he vowed to always teach, regardless of someone's ability to pay.  For this reason, throughout the years , Kiko has taught young inspired artists like himself and is currently the Artistic Director of a non profit cultural art center he founded named Casa de la Cultura Austin.


His debut album, La Remolacha was released in 2015 on Discos Peligrosa where he remains an artist. His sophomore album in 2017 "Aguas Frías" was a return home after a brutal experience at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota,  trying to support water protectors.


This third album "Todo el Mundo", set to be released in early 2022 and it's title track single with video is scheduled to be release November 12, 2021.


This single and album is a prayer for our separated families and is dedicated to the fundamental idea that humans have a right to migrate. Especially on their very own trade and medicine routes that have been in place long before establishing a United States . "Mexicans and Hondurans are Native Americans" as it says in the song, is the notion here.

The new single will be released with a claymation music video made by Kiko himself. 

Theatre was always a part of Kiko's life because it combines all of the artistic ways to tell a story. 

Claymation is not the only new storytelling medium for Kiko, Wether or not to do stand up comedy has always been an inner debate for him. But on March 3rd , 2021, he overcame all inner obstacles and went for it. In a very short time, Kiko has shown evidence of a bright future in Comedy, killing it at Kill Tony on two separate occasions, and producing a couple of comedy shows of his own , where he has hosted and made the crowd tear up with laughter. All of the stage acting over the years has not hurt Kiko in developing a unique delivery with great timing and hilarious act outs. 

When Kiko sings a ballad, you will cry. When he throws down a cumbia, you will shake, and when he jokes, you will pee your pants. One way or another , you will process and transmute your feelings. 

Be sure and catch Kiko Villamizar live at your favorite venue.  Click the link below to explore his upcoming shows. 


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