Kiko Villamizar finds magic and medicine in water and music

April 05, 2017

Full-bodied and powerful, Kiko Villamizar’s golden voice aches, even as it soars, on his second album, “Aguas Frias,” which is scheduled to come out on local imprint Discos Peligrosa later this month. The title of the album translates to “cold water” and it’s the culmination of a harrowing year spent tracing waterways, from the Missouri River on the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, to Barton Springs in Austin...

Austin Monthly Article

July 24, 2016

Kiko Villamizar was born in Miami to Colombian parents and was taken to the Andean city of 
Medellin, Colombia when he was small and raised there. He learned Latin American 
folk music through the oral tradition of his family and then went back to Miami to 
study jazz after high school...

Peligrosa Launch Their Label with Kiko Villamizar’s Afro-Colombia Inspired ‘La Remolacha’

January 13, 2015

Super fun Austin-based collective Peligrosa are taking the next logical step and launching their Discos Peligrosa imprint. Their first release is none other than one the albums included in our 11 Releases We’re Looking Forward To in 2015 list: Kiko Villamizar‘s debut album, La Remolacha, and it represents what the nu-Latin crew is all about....

Kiko Villamizar Vocals on Laura Otero Album

October 10, 2015

Fellow Colombia-to-Texas transplant, Kiko Villamizar, sings coro here... gives thanks to Kiko Villamizar for keeping the music alive...

February 05, 2015

Kiko Villamizar CD Release Party

January 16, 2015

Video of Kiko Villamizar CD release party...

Discos Peligrosa Crew Launches Label with Kiko Villamizar

January 14, 2015

By now, most of us who set New Year’s resolutions have skipped the gym, lit the forbidden cigarette, and devoured a croissant that was supposed to be a smoothie. For the Austin, Texas -based Peligrosa crew, 2015 has brought a new record label....

Ni Una Más Concert Series

May 15, 2014

Kiko Villamizar performed for the unjustly incarceration of those across the world, offering music and poetry...

Activists remember detained immigrants

December 04, 2013

The Son Armado, Las Krudas y Kiko Villamizar Concert for Immigration Prisoners was held Sunday afternoon from outside of the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor....

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